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Denver Post Highlights Co-op Renewable Energy Projects

January 23, 2012

An article in yesterday’s Denver Post highlighted a few of the many renewable energy projects that have been developed by Colorado’s electric co-ops in the last few years. The article focused on United Power’s first-of-its-kind solar garden, a project that allows co-op member-owners to lease centrally-located solar panels without paying the large upfront costs typically associated with large arrays on their roofs. This idea has spread across the state and has been adopted by Holy Cross Energy, Grand Valley Power, and Delta-Montrose Electric Association, among others.

In addition to its solar garden, United Power is also using power derived from methane generated from a landfill site. Other co-ops are recycling what would otherwise be waste heat from natural gas compression stations to use in energy production, installing wind turbines for locally-produced power, and net metering customer-owned renewable generation. Tri-State, the power supplier to many of the co-ops, has also recently incorporated significant amounts of solar and wind generation into its portfolio, and is looking for more. Tri-State works with its members to develop small hydro, wind, and other renewable energy projects.

Colorado’s electric co-ops continue to innovate when it comes to producing electricity from renewable sources in a reliable and affordable manner.

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One Comment
  1. Mona Neeley permalink

    It was fun to open The Denver Post and see an electric co-op getting some recognition for a great idea.

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