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Congressmen Polis and Perlmutter Talk Energy at Town Hall

January 31, 2012
Last night, Congressmen Jared Polis and Ed Perlmutter hosted a town hall meeting at the Thornton city council chambers. The council chambers were packed with constituents eager to ask questions on a wide variety of topics. The Congressmen made some opening remarks followed by an extensive Q&A session.
We were most interested in their approach to energy issues and both Congressmen addressed the subject. Congressman Polis said he agreed with the President and his “all of the above” approach to energy. He also acknowledged that we will need to use fossil fuels for decades while making a transition to renewable energy and a more efficient economy. Congressman Perlmutter emphasized the need to use energy more efficiently, and both Congressmen recognized the importance of lessening our dependence on imported oil.
The Congressmen differed with respect to the Keystone XL oil pipeline, with Congressman Polis opposing the project and Congressman Perlmutter in support. While some in the audience appeared to support the pipeline, others were opposed based on the temporary nature of the jobs created and their concerns about the environmental impact of the project.
We support the general themes expressed by both Congressmen with respect to energy efficiency and the need to continue to use abundant domestic fossil resources for power generation. Even more, we support the ability of citizens to have contact with their elected representatives and salute the Congressmen for providing this forum.

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