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GEO Briefs Legislative Energy Committees

February 1, 2012
T.J Deora, the Director of the Governor’s Energy Office (GEO), made a presentation
to a joint meeting of the House Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources
Committee and the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy
Committee today.  These committees have primary oversight for energy issues in the
Colorado General Assembly.
Mr. Deora affirmed Governor Hickenlooper’s support of an “all of the above”
strategy for energy development.  He also discussed a modification to
the mission of GEO to include the promotion of conventional resources in addition to
renewable energy.  To that end, GEO is convening stakeholders to discuss a
“balanced energy portfolio”.  The goal of the stakeholder process is to
determine what the appropriate generation mix is for Colorado.
Another major policy objective stressed by Mr. Deora is a reduction in the
use of imported fuels for transportation.  The administration is promoting
alternative fueled vehicles including electric, bio-fuels and especially
natural gas vehicles.
Representative Glenn Vaad (R-Mead) raised the point that Colorado’s transportation
infrastructure is funded by gasoline taxes and while alternative fueled
vehicles should be encouraged an important policy consideration is how to
continue funding highways.
Several Democratic members of the Joint Committee pressed GEO to continue to
promote renewable energy and maintain the “brand” developed during the
previous administration.  Republican members of the Committee expressed
satisfaction with the expanded direction GEO is taking.
CREA will continue to work with GEO on energy policy issues.  CREA supports
HB 12-1028 which contains a provision continuing funding for the low income
weatherization program administered by GEO.  Many of our member-owners
benefit from this program.

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