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H.B. 12-1160 Passes House Committee with CREA Support

February 13, 2012

This afternoon, CREA testified in support of H.B. 12-1160, a bill that would include electricity generated from coal mine methane as an eligible resource under Colorado’s renewable portfolio standard.  The bill passed out of the House Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee on a 10-2 vote.

Geoffrey Hier, CREA’s Director of Government Relations, testified that we supported the bill because it would provide jobs for those involved in developing new generating facilities, it would utilize Colorado resources for the production of electricity, and it would  benefit the environment by burning methane that is now vented into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.

Joining CREA in supporting the bill were members of the Board of Directors of the Delta-Montrose Electric Association, the Colorado Mining Association, the developers of coal mine methane projects, and Randy Udall, a consultant for Holy Cross Energy. The sole witness who testified in opposition to the bill was an attorney for Western Resource Advocates.

CREA continúes to support common sense efforts to use Colorado resources for Colorado electricity consumers, and we applaud Rep. Randy Baumgardner and Sen. Gail Schwartz for sponsoring H.B. 12-1160.

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