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Tri-State CEO Ken Anderson Focuses on Co-op Principles

April 6, 2012

Tri-State CEO Ken Anderson focused on the seven cooperative principles in his address to those in attendance at the 60th Annual Meeting of the wholesale cooperative power supplier earlier this week. He emphasized the fact that each distribution cooperative and public power district that is a member of Tri-State has a representative on the Board of Directors, and that the Board collectively acts at the regulator for Tri-State. Ken also reminded the membership of the exhaustive process the Board employed in its recent rate design efforts, and he made the point that no government regulatory body would have come close to the depth of analysis that was conducted by the Board.

Ken’s point is one that all co-ops, both G&T and distribution, must repeatedly make to legislators and other stakeholders who wish to meddle in our business. There is no better regulator for electric co-ops than their locally-elected Boards, and that is a principle that the entire co-op community will fight hard to protect. All of us in the Colorado electric co-op community appreciate Tri-State’s hard work in being conscientious stewards of the generation and transmission assets that serve the needs of the member-owners at the end of the line, and we celebrate Tri-State’s sixty years of success.

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