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Innovation Abounds at CU Cleantech Open House

April 20, 2012

At Wednesday’s CU Cleantech Incubation Open House, six teams comprised of CU students, researchers, and industry mentors unveiled innovative ideas that could lead to significant breakthroughs in energy production and consumption. From more energy efficient buildings to renewable diesel fuel, the ideas presented by the students ranged from the simple to the exotic.

One team pitched an advanced control system for wind turbines that would use a new low-cost radar technology to maximize turbine output. Another team explained something called the Automated Building Energy Audit Tool (ABEAT) which would decrease energy audit times by 50% and therefore lower the cost for such services. The third team described a hydrogen-free catalytic process that would transform triglycerides into a hydrocarbon chain and form renewable biodiesel (I don’t understand it either). Yet another team talked about a process for converting carbon dioxide into useful products such as plastics and nutritional and weight loss supplements by using genetically-modified cyanobacteria.

Colorado has a reputation for being a leader in energy innovation and the work of the CU teams may lead to breakthroughs that transform how we use energy. Our hats are off to the CU innovators and their industry sponsors.

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