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Mountain View Board Hosts Congressman Doug Lamborn

May 22, 2012

The Mountain View Electric Association Board of Directors hosted Congressman Doug Lamborn this morning at their monthly board meeting. Congressman Lamborn talked about the EPA’s war on coal-fired power generation and his efforts to explain to his constituents that coal is a valuable resource that is essential to maintaining affordable and reliable electricity. The Congressman also talked about the recent memo from the head of the Department of Energy that would impact the ability of WAPA and the other power marketing administrations to provide reliable hydropower. Rep. Lamborn supports the PMA’s and will be an ally in stopping efforts to reshape their mission.

Congressman Lamborn also talked about a bill that he sponsored that supported energy development of all types, including the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. He also indicated that he thought the EPA had overstepped its bounds in proposing rules on mercury emissions from power plants that were unnecessary.

Congressman Lamborn has supported the electric co-op program for many years and our efforts to keep electricity affordable and abundant. We were happy to present the Congressman with a campaign contribution from ACRE, the national political committee, to support his reelection campaign. We appreciate the Congressman taking the time to meet with electric co-op supporters and we also appreciate his efforts to keep overreaching government agencies in check.

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