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CREA Welcomes Back Delta-Montrose Electric Association

June 1, 2012

It’s great to start the month of June with the Delta-Montrose Electric Association back in the CREA fold. All of us at CREA are pleased to have DMEA back in the statewide organization and we look forward to reestablishing the friendships that we have with the many great folks at DMEA.

Although individually Colorado’s electric co-ops are small utilities, collectively we serve hundreds of thousands of Colorado electricity consumers and their homes, farms, and businesses.  A hallmark of the electric cooperative program is our ability to act as a team even though each member has different challenges and concerns. The statewide organization benefits from the diversity of views that are brought by each of our members, and we look forward to the addition of DMEA’s voice to our discussions on Colorado energy policy.

So, with DMEA rejoining the team, CREA now has 21 out of the 22 Colorado co-ops in the statewide. We’ll continue to work hard to regain 100% membership in the months ahead, but in the meantime our strength is fortified with the addition of DMEA.

Welcome back!

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