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We’ll Miss You, Speaker Bledsoe

June 8, 2012

Colorado lost one of its great citizens earlier this week with the passing of Bev Bledsoe, former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives. We at CREA are especially touched by Mr. Bledsoe’s passing as one of his sons, Bob, is the current President of our Board of Directors.

As the news stories report, Speaker Bledsoe was the longest-serving Speaker of the House, a job that requires not only the faith and confidence of one’s own political caucus, but also the skills to work with folks on both sides of the aisle to serve all of Colorado.

Speaker Bledsoe was a skilled political tactician, but always worked for what was in the best interests of the people of Colorado. He certainly was a strong advocate for his party, but earned the respect of everyone in the legislature for his honesty, integrity, and forthright way of conducting legislative business.

My wife Deb and I were fortunate to work as legislative staffers during Speaker Bledsoe’s tenure. As any legislative staffer will tell you, you can tell a lot about a legislator by how they treat staff and lobbyists. Even though he was arguably the most powerful politician in the state (yes, more powerful than the Governors he served with), Speaker Bledsoe always treated everyone with the utmost respect.

In this era of term limits, we will not see another Speaker of the House with the same length of service as Bev Bledsoe. Speaker Bledsoe was a great Coloradan and will be missed.

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  1. Phil DeLuca permalink

    I served as a Legisative Liaison for the State Dept. of Corrections for the years 1982 thru 1987 and I got to know Speaker Bledsoe and agree with Kent comments about the speaker. Speaker Bledsoe was a task master and held us to a high standard and was always fair in settings the guide lines to work with. The State of Colorado will probably never have a speaker that can fill the shoes of Speaker Bledsoe. He will definintely be missed and my deepset sympahties go out to Bob and the rest of the Bledsoe’s family. Phil DeLuca

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