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Robocalls Be Gone!

November 6, 2012

At long last, election day! After a seemingly endless campaign season, we will collectively exercise our franchise rights today and choose a new slate of local and national leaders, as well as decide important ballot questions. And, thankfully, the robocalls will cease and the TV airwaves will once again be safe for the Geico gekko.

Many of the talking heads say that this is a “watershed” election, or that it’s “the most important election of our lifetime.” While every presidential election is important and has a profound influence on the direction of the country, I tend to think these statements are a little overblown. Regardless of who is elected president, it is pretty likely there will still be divided power in the United States Congress with Republicans in control of the House and Democrats in control of the Senate.

This kind of diffuse power is exactly what the drafters of our constitution had in mind. Our system of government is set up with multiple layers of checks and balances, both within and among the three branches of government. Even though the executive branch has exerted broad powers in recent years, it is still checked by Congress and the courts. Hopefully, this leads to governing by negotiation and the consensus of both parties; the ability of our elected leaders to do this will determine if we can deploy a parachute before jumping off the looming fiscal cliff.

The outcome of the election will definitely impact energy policy. A second Obama administration is likely to continue to focus on renewable energy development and aggressive environmental regulations. A Romney administration is likely to be more friendly to fossil fuels and less interested in  shutting down coal-fired power generation. At the state level, the makeup of the 2013 legislature will also determine how co-ops are impacted by energy legislation.

Regardless of who is elected president or which party gains power in Washington or Denver, electric co-ops will continue to stand for safe, reliable, and affordable electricity. We will always work with friends from both parties to achieve these objectives, and we look forward to making those friends in the coming weeks and months.

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