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Electric Co-ops Also “Punch Holes in the Darkness”

January 10, 2013

The beginning of each new legislative session always features a “State-of-the-State” address by the Governor, and today Governor John Hickenlooper outlined his agenda for the 2013 session. The Governor talked about many issues ranging from increased efficiency in government to energy regulation to school funding to the implementation of Amendment 64. He also, of course, put in a plug for the Denver Broncos.

At the conclusion of his State-of-the-State address, Governor Hickenlooper quoted Robert Louis Stevenson. It seems that as a child growing up in 19th century Scotland, Stevenson would watch the lamplighters who lit the gas street lamps. When his father asked the boy what he was doing, Stevenson, displaying his early poetic prowess, replied that the lamplighters were “punching holes in the darkness.”

Governor Hickenlooper then talked about how Coloradans in many walks of life also punch holes in the darkness: the entrepreneur who sells a product and creates a job; the farmer who harvests a crop; the teacher who teaches a child something new.

Certainly, the Governor could have included Colorado’s electric co-ops, who have literally been punching holes in the darkness in rural Colorado for seventy-five years. We look forward to working with the Governor and the General Assembly over the course of the next 119 days to keep the lights on in rural Colorado.

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