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Co-op Customers Impacted by Black Forest Fire

June 19, 2013

Our hearts go out to all of the member-owners of Mountain View Electric Association who were impacted by the Black Forest fire. It appears that over 500 homes were destroyed in the fire and two lives were lost in what is now considered the most damaging wildfire in Colorado history. Many people have been left homeless and many more face the prospect of repairing heavily damaged homes.

Due to the heroic work of the many firefighting agencies from around the state and region, the fire is now largely contained and the cleanup work and rebuilding efforts can start. The line crews and other employees of Mountain View Electric Association are working around the clock to restore electric service to those that lost it and will be doing so for weeks to come. Mountain View line crews immediately responded and re-routed power to many homes as soon as they were able to gain access to the area last week.

CREA will be setting up a relief fund in the coming days to benefit those co-op member-owners who were impacted and the fire departments and other first responders who worked tirelessly to protect lives and property. We will announce the details of how to  make contributions soon and would ask that you consider helping out your fellow co-op member-owners and the first responders who saved lives and property.

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