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Tech Experts Will Kick Off CREA Energy Innovations Summit

October 3, 2013

We’re thrilled that Cheryl Martin, the Deputy Director of the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (“ARPA-E”), will be joining our opening panel at the CREA Energy Innovations Summit on October 28. Dr. Martin will join Michael Miller, Director of Environment and Renewables for the Electric Power Research Institute (“EPRI”) and Jim Spiers, Tri-State’s Executive Vice President for Business Strategy/Chief Technology Officer.

The focus of the opening panel will be to predict what the “Power System of the Future” will look like, a question posed by EPRI in its “State of the Technology 2013” report. The EPRI report is a comprehensive overview of the many research projects that EPRI is involved in, from new software to evaluate energy storage options, to taller towers for wind turbines, to advanced technologies for efficient coal plants, and Mr. Miller will do some crystal-ball gazing on our behalf.  Heck, he may even tell us a thing or two about energy from ocean waves!

We’re also looking forward to Dr. Martin’s take on which technologies that are currently in the R&D stage have the best chance of truly being game-changers, and how long it will take for those technologies to become viable in the marketplace. You may not be familiar with ARPA-E, but it is supporting groundbreaking technology advancements that could impact the electric utility industry in profound ways in the not too distant future. Dr. Martin has graciously offered to be available for further discussion after the panel, so don’t miss the chance to hear from one of the leading thinkers in the energy industry.

We of course also look forward to the insights of Jim Spiers, Tri-State’s Chief Technology Officer who oversees the company’s many forays into the technology world. Jim has a national reputation as an expert on a variety of energy issues, and we’re thankful he will be able to provide the electric co-op perspective of technology and innovation. The nation’s electric co-ops are innovation leaders, and Jim can tell our story as well as anyone in the country.

This will be a great discussion – see you on the 28th!

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